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Christmas Collection

Thank you for supporting my small business! As a bunny parent of two playful bunnies- Zion and Fuzzy, we've found that the need for quality houses and toys for our furry friends is hard to find on the market.

Coming from a background of Interior Design, we first started to create our hideout as a gift to our friend. She loved the bunny castle so much that we went all out and created a series of toys, hideouts and even treats and forages to enrich our fur friends.

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- Irina Chou, CEO

- Zion, Chief Executive Bunny

About Us

Halloween Enrichment Toys

Sturdy and durable.

Our playsets are strongly built to withstand bunstruction, and easy to assemble.

100% Bunny Safe.

All our wooden toys and castle playsets are made with either untreated birch plywood and locally sourced- chew safe for your fur babies!

No artificial flavors and preservatives.

Our treats and forages are 100% natural.