It all started with a gift

We saw the need of quality toys for bunnies in the market and decided to create a better living for our cute furry friends.

Back in October of 2020, we wanted to purchase a house for our friend's bunny- Mello. Walking through the large pet store aisles, we were disappointed that the houses are inadequate in both size and safety for the bunnies to enjoy.

"Why not make our own?"

With this thought in mind, I started to create castles with their behaviors and instincts in mind.

Enrichment that bunnies actually enjoy

After multiple tests, cutting apart used wood and going back and forth to the drawing board, we came up with our first hideout, maze and bridge series that gave the flexibility to assemble, lightweight and most importantly, a hideout that the bunnies love to hide and enjoy in.

Mello ended up loving the castle so much, that we decided to sell our hideouts and started our journey on Etsy.

Our Hideouts were really popular and gained many incredible friends and bunnies along the way. We are trully thankful for all the support that was given to us.

Zion & Toys

Not before long, I adopted Zion- a friend that I've always craved for and he came in just perfect in time.

He is a big time chewer, full of life and energy. Because of his nature, I wanted to expand our quality in houses for bunnies to toys that enrich their quality of life.

Puzzle Toys, Forages, Hoomans and more!

Now we have a wide variety of products that are targeted in furthering both hoomans and bunnies all together. We are not stopping there, we have so much more interesting toys, houses that we want to develop and bring to the market for all of you to enjoy and share.

We saw our creations not just as toys, but as advocates for the well-being of bunnies everywhere.

Thank you for checking out our store and reading our story.

So join us, and let's go on an adventure!