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Forage Puzzle Toy & Forage Mix Bundle for Small Animals

Forage Puzzle Toy & Forage Mix Bundle for Small Animals

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Labor Day Special
Bag both the Mini Forage Cart and the Forage Mix Blend in this unbeatable Labor Day sales! Elevate your rabbit's play and dining experience this holiday with extra chew toys!

Save $10 when ordering the bundle and enjoy free shipping, double the fun- triple the joy!

Simply chose the package bundle that you would like in the drop down to proceed.

Key Benefits

Puzzle Treat Toys (Mini Forage Cart | Boo Flip Box | Vampire Treat Bun)
Interactive and engaging: Designed to spark your rabbit's instinctual foraging behaviors.
Durable and rabbit-safe: Built to last countless treat-finding adventures.
Enhances mental stimulation: Keeps your bunnies mentally sharp and entertained for hours.

1.50 OZ of Forage Mix Blend
Aromatic and flavorful: Blend of hand-selected herbs, flowers, and tasty morsels.
Promotes natural behaviors: Encourages instinctual nibbling and foraging.

Perfect pairing: Ideal to fill up the puzzle treat toys for an enhanced treat-discovery experience.

How to Use

- Simply fill the toys with the forage mixes and watch your bunny forage away. Add the complementary chew toys to further incentivize your bunny to get more play time!

Material (Ingredients)

Product Dimensions

All Bundles will be packaged in a 12x12x6 box.

Boo Flip Box Size:
Overall Dimension: 7- ⅝” W x 3- ¾” D x 3- ⅝” H

Vampire Treat Bun Size:
Overall Dimension: 6- ½” W x 3- ¼” D x 8” H

Mini Forage Cart Size:
Overall Dimension: 5 3/4" Length x 5" Deep x 4 1/2" Height

Included Components

What's in my box & Materials:
COMBO 1: Boo Flip Box + Forage Blend
- Boo Flip Box with instructions
- Forage Mix of Rosemary, Mint, Calendula & Rose Petals

& Bonuses of the following!
- Summer Loofah Sandals
- Strawberry Donut
- Beet Top Mini Ring Toss
- Acorn

COMBO 2: Vampire Bun Treat Dispenser + Forage Blend
- Vampire Treat Dispenser with instructions
- Forage Mix of Rosemary, Mint, Calendula & Rose Petals

& Bonuses of the following!
- Flower Loofah Sandals
- Triple Waffle Set (Papaya & Strawberry Flavored)
- Mini Puzzle Treat Ball
- Natural Loofah & Vine Ring Toss

COMBO 3: Mini Forage Cart + Forage Blend
- Mini Forage Cart with instructions
- Forage Mix of Rosemary, Mint, Calendula & Rose Petals

& Bonuses of the following!
- Strawberry + Rose Flavored Donut
- Calendula Flavored Donut
- 3 Bundles of Apple Sticks
- Acorn

- All puzzle toys will contain instructions when delivered.

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Amazing product my bunnies love it


Thank you very much my grand bunnies love them 🥰🥰