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Bunadventure Series

Halloween Trick or Treat Series Boooo Flip Box- Bunny Enrichment Puzzle Toy

Halloween Trick or Treat Series Boooo Flip Box- Bunny Enrichment Puzzle Toy

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Do you need an enrichment, puzzle and foraging toy for your giant rabbit or other small animal pets? This Boooo Flip Box is the answer!

Make My Bunny's Name!

Key Benefits

- Entertains your pet and brings their level of destruction to a minimum.
- It gives them enough mental stimulation and stops boredom. Bunnies love the challenge of flipping the lid of the box open to find their favorite treats hidden in the box.
- It encourages the pet rabbit to forage for her food by putting his skill sets, such as keen senses of smell and sight, flipping, chewing, throwing, and tossing, into practice.

PS: For an effective description of the skill sets your bunny needs to solve the puzzle, we have included a video that shows how Fuzzy used these skills to solve the logic box and get her treats.

How to Use

- You need to drop the treat into the box through the holes on the lid, and watch your small animal pets get the treat out!

- The Boooo Flip Box comes pre-assembled and ready to be used!

Material (Ingredients)

Made with untreated birch plywood, comprising of 1/4" thickness plywood. The Boooo Flip Box comes pre-assembled and ready to be used!

Product Dimensions

Overall Dimensions: 12- ⅛” W x 3- ¾” D x 3- ⅝” H

Included Components

What's included in my package?
1. Boooo Flip Box
2. Screw & Allen Wrench
3. Cap
4. Instruction Manual & How to Play

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