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Bunadventure Series

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

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This is the treat that's like a little party in every nibble! The ultimate treat for happy bunnies.

Key Benefits

Packed with natural goodness like:
-Pine Cone to satisfy their chewing instincts and to help wear down bunny's teeth.
- The yummy taste of the Dried Rose Bud keeps your bunny engaged.
- Spinach + Mint Flavored Loofah for fun chewing, and a gourmet Cookie Mixture with Banana, Timothy Hay, mint, and dandelion for a tasty blend.
- The Palm Leaf Bowl adds style to the feast, while Baltic Birch Plywood and Dried Mint provide extra texture for their teeth and freshness.

How to Use

- Give as a treat for reward.
- Serve it along with their fresh veggies.
- Put it over hay or hide in various toys to create engaging fun for your furry friends.

Material (Ingredients)

- Pine Cone
- Dried Rose Bud
- Spinach + Mint Flavored Loofah
- Palm Leaf Bowl
- Dried Mint
- Dried Rose Petals
- Baltic Birch Plywood
- Cookie Mixture (Banana w/ Timothy Hay Powder, dried mint and dried dandelion mix)

Product Dimensions

0.5 oz.

Included Components

It comes well packaged in our branded packaging material.

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